Fludrocortisone Shortage

Yes, there is a shortage. Teva is the manufacturer of the “yellow pill” and their production is on hold until June.

Impax is the manufacturer of the “white pill” (you thought it couldn’t get worse than having to take a white fludro pill) which was doing a fine job pinch-hitting until supplies ran short. That is what happens when the yellow pill is on hold…  Impax is busy making more, but your local pharmacy may be running short.

NADF and CARES Foundation are doing their share advocating for families with primary adrenal insufficiency (thanks!!). Here is the latest NADF update:

Click to access Fludrocortisone-Bulletin-2.25.19.pdf

Large, specialty pharmacies are more stocked with surplus so that may be one way to go until the white – and yellow – pills are back in abundance.