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What’s In A Name?

  • Congenital – you are born with a condition
  • Adrenal – an important gland that sits above the kidney and is a steroid factory! Making critical stress hormones, male hormones, water-salt balance
  • Hyperplasia – enlarged tissue *The adrenal gland gets bigger when it is trying to make cortisol (if the body does not have enough!) *The good news? The adrenal will get smaller once the body has enough cortisol

Clinical & Research efforts:

  • Multidisciplinary care of CAH
  • Medical and Surgical CAH Center of Excellence at CHLA
  • Transition Care
  • Ongoing clinical research studies: behavior, heart disease risk, new treatments for CAH

CAH support:

  • Southern California CAH Support groups (join an event!)
    • Spanish CAH Support Group
    • Infant-Toddler Support Group
    • Back to School!
  • Education materials
  • Advocacy
  • Tips from our CAH Psychologist

Recent Posts

Back To School! CAH-specific Considerations

We had our first Back To School support group meeting on Zoom in August 2022. Our center discussed the CAH-specific 504 Plan and IEP templates that list accommodations that we regard as useful for students with CAH. We have been encouraging parents to consider requesting a 504 Plan to be created at their school.

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