Transition to Adulthood

What is Health Care Transition?

Healthcare transition is the process to help your teenager get ready for healthcare as an adult.

Transition Readiness for Youth: Are you ready?

Use this assessment tool to help prepare your child for their transition to the adult health care system. Providers will be able to use your assessment to develop an appropriate plan for your child!
The Transition Readiness Assessment is from the useful site: and can be used to gauge how ready someone is to transition to independence overall. There is even an online quiz!

But CAH has its own particulars to consider as well, including:  Learning how to self-inject Act-o-vial Solu-Cortef  and wearing a Medical Alert IDs.

Read about Youth and Family Transition Stories!

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Tips for Parents!

1. Help your child/adolescent come up with a list of questions they would like to ask their doctor.

2. Have your adolescent keep their insurance number and their doctor’s phone number with them. For more information on insurance, visit Do You Understand Insurance?

3.Have your adolescent register for a clinic visit at the check-in desk on their own.

4. Join your transitioning adolescent in the exam room with the doctor but for only a portion of the visit.

These tips were taken from the workbook, Moving Into Adult Healthcare – What Do Parents Need to Know? which was created by Kids as Self Advocates of Connecticut. Read about the above tips in more detail as well as additional tips to help your child with their transition to independence.