CARES Foundation

CARES Foundation is a non-profit institution committed to improving the lives of families and individuals affected by CAH. As well as leading in the effort to improve the lives of the CAH community, the foundation also seeks to advance quality health care through support, advocacy, education and research.

CARES Foundation programs include:

  • Grants to qualifying researchers for better treatment, better understanding of the disease, and a cure
  • One-on-one support for affected individuals and their families
  • Educational materials and information for those living with the daily challenges of CAH
  • Educational progams for individuals, and their families and health care professionals
  • Comprehensive bi-annual newsletters
  • Physician referral service
  • Advocate for comprehensive newborn screening
  • Advocate for appropriate emergency medical care
  • Local support groups for affected individuals and their families
  • Financial assistance for travel for families with a financial need for specialist care and to attend CARES sponsored events

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